Our Inspiration

We hold 3 beautiful cities very close to our heart for inspiration whilst creating our designs at That’s My Gal

The culture of Jaipur - where the clothes are made with love and crafted with care. Our styles showcase traditional prints and vivid hues, embodying the essence of Jaipur.

The glamour of Dubai – where the Brand was born. You will see the heritage of pearl diving in our styles with intricate hand-woven beads, pearls & shells

The sassiness of London - where style trends are taken from. You will see femininity detailed in our styles influenced by the flowers that bloom in springtime

Who Is She

She is inquisitive, intriguing and has gratitude for the finer things in life

She is inspired, well travelled and sees beauty in everything

She lives in a world of possibilities and isn’t afraid of challenges
She is a fusion of Glamour, Culture and Sass

We encourage real women as the faces of That's My Gal