About Us

That’s My Gal is a phrase used to show praise and pride towards other females

That’s My Gal was created through passion, love for fashion, fabrics and prints

Every piece is created with the intention of representing and rejoicing the Gal of today through intricate handwork, finest material and delicate tailoring bursting with Culture, Luxury and Sass. We are known for our mood boosting vibrant colors, calm resort aesthetic and feminine styles inspired by real silhouettes celebrating confidence and freedom

That’s My Gal’s ambition is to make your wardrobe a timeless collection with our versatile pieces carefully designed to be worn in a number of ways for your special occasions be it in heels or bare feet

Our Story

Vijay from India and Pia from England crossed paths in Dubai in 2016. Their curiosity to travel, love for style and bold personalities led them to build a beautiful friendship, a loving family and to pursue their dream of creating a brand in 2022

Vijay’s love for bold colors, standing out from the crowd and Pia’s eye for detailing and prints is the forefront of TMG styles. Their designs evoke a Nostalgic Summer Feeling

This power duo bring us something diverse blending their different Cultures, Perspectives and Lifestyles